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P’Nam — Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon :)

P’Nam — Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon :)



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            It’s infuriating to be discriminated because of one’s course.

       We have different reasons on why we took up nursing — maybe one took it up because it’s been their dream since they were kids, or maybe to serve other people, parents’ choice, to work abroad, for greener pasture, etc.

       For four years, a lot students gave their heart and soul to finish this course. Many sleepless nights and tiring days were endured by these beautiful people, and yet in return, they get under appreciated.

       I just can’t bear the fact that after 4 years of hard work and finally getting a degree, we nursing graduates still get discriminated in ways that are really quite unfair. Our VISAS get denied, we have to work for two painstaking years with no pay and after those 2 years, we get hired as regulars with basic salary (not unless you go abroad and make big bucks) and there are those instances where because of the course we finished, we get denied of job opportunities which we deserve.

       Yes, I finished NURSING. I worked really hard for it and I am proud of my accomplishments. It should be a plus if an employer sees a nursing grad apply for a job not related to the said course — not the other way around. 

       I always say that i do not like the course that I took, but I am hella proud that I finished it. Hindi biro ang pagkuha ng nursing. Huwag nyo sana kaming minamaliit. 

       To my batchmates, GILAS 2011:  On August 21, 2011 — we will be Registered Nurses. Think positive and keep praying! 3 days to go! Masusuklian na ang mga paghihirap natin! Nurses, be proud and KEEP YOUR HEADS UP!!


BATCH GILAS 2011 — soon to be



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